Photos „Burnout“

June / July 2018 – Shooting „BurnOut“

Behind the Scenes Week 1 (Photos by Ronja Lehmann)

Behind the Scenes Week 2 (Photos by Ronja Lehmann)

Behind the Scenes Week 3 (Photos by Ronja Lehmann)

Mobile Phone Pictures (Photos by Everyone)


May 2018: Student project presentations


May 2018: Camera workshop – Shooting the first scene


April 2018: Table read (photos by Ronja Lehmann)


April 2018: Second camera workshop with DOP Adrian Ehrbar


March 2018: Stunt workshop with stunt coordinator Sabrina Spörri (Photos by Michele Dee)


March 2018: Student projects (Photos by various students)


February 2018: Cast and Crew Photos (Photos by Michele Dee)


January 2018: Workshop SRF (Photos by Ronja Lehmann)


December 2017: Workshop with DOP Adrian Ehrbar (Photos by Nicola Obrist)


December 2017: Workshop with actress Yael Hayes (Photos by Ronja Lehmann)


April 2017: End of first draft party (non-alcoholic champagne!):