Student Projects

To be able to assist the professional film crew on set, 26 students took it upon themselves to learn various skills required to make a film. In a subject called „Projects and Research“, they each decided on their own little project unconnected to the film itself, but in such a way that they would learn all about their chosen sub-skill. A list of the student projects, some including photos or links to the finished product, can be found below.

The projects will be presented publicly in May 2018. After that, the students will apply their newly acquired skills on the set of „Burnout“.



Skills Project
Amira and Sina Set Design Lifestyle magazine
Ana Lights Difference between lighting styles
Angela Make-up / Hair Styles and emotions
Angelina and Maxime Make-up Make-up and emotions
Carla, Joanne, Ronja Hair / Make-up / Costumes Model photos
Carmen and Lara Acting Emotions and eye lines
Cyril and David Acting Repetitions
Daniel 360° camera Centriphone
Daria and Sophia Make-up / Hair Historical styles
Fabienne Camera movements Steady cam and other movements
Jens and Noah Camera speed Slow motion / time lapse
Nandini and Nina Make-up Special make-up including injuries
Nicola Making of Filming the other groups
Noëlle, Nina, Sarah Photography Photo story
Olisa and Vidusha Hair Public hair studio
Sabina Camera (technical) Shooting in various circumstances, colour correction